The world is online but charity is offline – Anna will change this. With a small effort you can make a big difference!
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Have you ever wondered if the donations you give to charity are actually reaching the ones you want to help? If you feel like online charity could use some transparency, you have come to the right place!



Anna connects people who want to help those in need. Using Anna is easy and fun but its aim isn’t just to make you feel good – you can actually see how your donations are improving the lives of those who lack life’s basic needs such as food, shelter, medication, school equipment etc.



With Anna you can help others without going through the traditional process of donor agencies. This will help reduce the overhead costs, increase the efficiency and transparency in the process leading to the money being directly given or spent on those in need.

We can do no great things – only small things with great love. — Mother Teresa
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How will Anna work?


1. Announcement

An individual or a community from around the world is facing a challenging issue such as no food, clean drinking water or people affected by flood or earthquake. They hear about Anna and create a profile, identifying their issues and needs for the donations, or someone else can do this for them.


2. Verifying

Anna staff and its trusted partners will verify the need and issue of the individual or community. After the verification is done the project is made visible to all the donors around the world describing the details of the need and amount of funds needed.


3. Matching

As a new project becomes visible in Anna, the donors can choose to donate to it. Also, if they wish they can promote the project by sharing it to friends in Anna or elsewhere. Projects may be searched for example by category such as “Food”, geographically, or by seeing which projects one’s Anna friends are supporting. The donors have complete control on selecting how much money goes and where!


4. Funding

At Anna we will provide facility to our donors to make their donations with little or no overhead or transaction costs. With that achieved it helps us to create efficiency in our donation process. The donations are either sent directly to the individuals or to Anna’s trusted partners who then give it to those whom it is intended for.


5. Feedback

After receiving the support the projects will report their progress in Anna, providing donors with direct feedback from their donation regardless of the sum donated. We also keep track of the progress of the projects together with our trusted partners. As we pride ourselves in being efficient and transparent, we publish our accounting openly on the web so you know where your money goes.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill
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Who are we?

Elisa Lukin
Creative mother of wild ideas
Abu Azad
Concept / Idea development sage
Samuel Blanco
Front end marksman
Tommi Rasila
Expert generalist
Miikka Mäkipörhölä
Back end wizard
Ashhal Tahir
Digital marketing specialist
Ida Vahtera
Content / Social Media expert
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